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Volume 20, No. 8, #144 - click here

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March 2008 • Adar 5768 Volume 20, No. 8, #144
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Jewish Music Scene

By Country Yossi

With Purim fast approaching, exciting new groups and acts are popping up all over the place.

First and foremost is the new group that’s knockin’ ‘em dead in Australia, called “Traifa Nivailah and the Chevra Kadisha,” with their new smash hit “Lo Uhmoos.”

From Monsey comes that fabulous new goup “Fussy Yossi and the Chaptzem Trio,” singing “There he goes, get him!”
“Sruly Balagan and the Moishuv Laitzim” quartet are burning up the charts with their popular rendition of “Hey, Keep It Down, Up There!”

Tivi and Kuki are raising eyebrows with their first independent release, shockingly titled “Country Who?”

“Grepsil Boorvis,” affectionately known as “The Shtimmer Chazzon,” just released his classic re-recording of Shimon and Garfinkle’s “Sounds of Silence.” (Crank up the volume on this one.)

Another bahvoosteh chazzon, Hershel Haizerik, is also making sound-waves with his new album “I’m Not Ah Groiser Ferd - Just Ah Little Horse.”

True greatness has arrived from Chicago with “The Flying Chickens and the Swinging Kapooris Orchestra.” Their sizzling single “Round and Round She Goes” is now being played at every wedding (just be ready to duck).

Dentists everywhere will be happy to hear that “Ricky, Nicky and Mickey Shtikey and their Traveling Shrutzim Combo” are touring with their hard to pronounce release called “B’hisgalgalosehsheshesniah B’avrosshesichesah Umain.”

Lock your doors and windows, the notorious musical Moon Brothers, “Kikem and Shpyem,” are out of jail and ready to resume where they left off.

And finally, “Bibi Bulvahn and the Amoratzim” were just thrown out of Israel, where they went to the King David Hotel and demanded to speak with the King - hoping to get him to write some new psalms for their new sure-fire flop, “I Who Know Nothing!”

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