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March 2008 • Adar 5768 Volume 20, No. 8, #144
Message From the Publisher
(by Country Yossi)
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Hi Everybody,
When it comes to discovering, nurturing and producing new Jewish musical talent, no one does it better or more often than extra-extraordinary pro-producer Eli Gerstner. His latest success is Dovid Stein, whose new smash CD “Muvtach Lo” will raise the bar a notch or two. (While we’re at the bar, hand me a glezel shnapps, will ya?) Read our exclusive interview with both producer and performer, right here.

Our annual super duper Purim parody issue is loaded, crammed, I mean ungeshtupped with items both hilarious and heart-breaking. From the weird B.P Minyan and the Blue-faced Chazzan to the poignant inspiration “How much Land Does a Man Need” (my favorite short story of all time), there’s enough great reading material here to make you tipsy.

Then the fun really begins!

A newly discovered Jewish singing sensation who was blessed (?) with 2 (count ‘em) two tongues is the double-talk of the town! Yes, Tuvya Tuppelshprecher is now singing 2 songs at once and davening shacharis and mincha simultaneously. Read all about him and see his unforgettable mug in our “National Yenta.”

Speaking of unforgettable mugs (refill mine with another shot of Slivovitz please), politics doesn’t seem to take a break no matter the season, so we feature a special report on Barack Obama and Israel. You won’t want to miss this important and relevant piece. Another report entitled “Genetics and the Jewish Identity” proves once and for all, through DNA, that all Yidden are blood brothers.

And while we’re on the topic of blood, we’ll all soon have plenty of alcohol in our bloodstream. (I’m already well on my way.) On Purim, before downing enough Bourbon to keel over and conk out, read about the human bloodstream in this month’s chapter of Yossel’s Body. It covers everything from pumping, to clotting, to varicose veins.

With all the yummy shalach monos headed our way, we’ll all be fressing mouthful after mouthful of junk food. But that’s ok. Once you read “An Email From Hashem,” you’ll agree that it’s way, way better to stuff our mouths with candy, than with loshon hara. So dig in, folks, just don’t let all the Yom Tov hulabaloo stress you out. As we explain in our Health and Advice section, “Stress: A Huge Waist.”

Baruch Haman!
Your friend,
Country Yossi

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