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June 2008 • Tammuz 5768 Volume 21, No. 3, #147
Message From the Publisher
(by Country Yossi)
Copyright 2008 Country Yossi Family Magazine, all rights reserved. No articles, photographs, artwork or other material in this magazine may be reproduced in any manner whatsoever, without the express prior written permission of the publisher.

Hi Everybody,
By now, you should all be in the middle of loading up your minivans, moving trucks and Uhaul rentals with everything you own but the kitchen sink - in preparation for your annual exodus to the Catskills! Don’t forget to pack the 9 high chairs, 8 playpens, 7 baby bouncers, 6 portable air conditioners, 5 bicycles, 4 tricycles, 3 big wheels, 2 unicycles and one is Hashem… in the Heaven and the Earth! And most important of all: right before you hit the road and take off, don’t forget to pop Lipa’s record-breaking, #1 bestselling album ‘Ah Poshite Yid’ into your car’s CD player! Then turn up the volume, rev up the engine, and leave B.P. behind in the dust. Your ride up to the country will be a whole lot more stimulating, more sensational, and more singably spectacular with this incredible new release. Yes, it’s Lipa’s incomparable 14-track megahit - and in this summer issue we feature an awesome 6-page spread, detailing everything you’ve ever been chalishing to know about Lipa himself, and his most impressive new blockbuster. We even published an extraordinary, exclusive, exhaustive 2 page spread of Lipa’s own personal emails and text messages, that he received in the first 48 hours after ‘Ah Poshite Yid’ took Jewish music stores by storm (no kidding!). You gotta read it to believe it!

While Lipa’s been shaking up the music industry, CY mag intends to Shake Up the Shidduch Scene! Be sure to read this month’s Sound Off section, as one frustrated yungerman really takes off the gloves and tells it like it is!

As if all that wasn’t enough, as a public service, we reprint an important article from Time magazine entitled ‘Living Large,’ which spotlights the frightful epidemic of childhood obesity - and its unfortunate consequences for our own and future generations.

One special tzaddik who cared immeasurably about the wellbeing of the future generation was Rabbi Shlomo Freifeld, zt’l. In this issue, we interview illustrious author Rabbi Yisroel Besser about his heartwarming new book and the beloved Rebby and leader upon whom it focuses.

Oh, and speaking of leaders? None of the candidates running for president of this great country of ours has a very good prognosis, based on the handwriting samples examined by noted hand-writing expert Ari Korenblit in his revealing handwriting analysis. Read it through and understand why their scribbled, scrawled, spaced, slanted and slashed signatures somehow do not bode well for the future of America.

With book excerpts, health and advice, and enough humor to keep you cackling, chortling and chuckling all the way to your bungalow, this issue is jam-packed with juicy, jaw-dropping, genuinely mind-boggling reading. So go ahead, read it thru your way - but just not while driving on the Thruway!

Wishing you all a healthy, happy summer

Your friend,
Country Yossi

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