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June 2008 • Tammuz 5768 Volume 21, No. 3, #147
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Olmert: The Anatomy of a Malshin

By Dov Shurin

Three times a day we pray: V’Lamalshinim Al Tehee Tikva (May the Malshins have no hope). What exactly is a malshin?

I believe it’s a ‘tongue worshipper;’ someone for whom the tongue becomes a deity of sorts.

This goes back to the creation of man, when, as is reported in Bereshis, ‘G-d blew into the nostrils of the man, and he became a living being,’ which Unkilus translates as Ruach Mimalila - A babbling wind. (Genesis, 2 verse 7)

The wisest man that ever lived, Shlomo HaMelech, in Mishley (Proverbs), acknowledges this dangerous deity by stating, ‘Death and life are in the ‘hand’ of the tongue!’

The first ‘high priests’ of this false religion had to be Doson and Aviram, who fought Moshe mouth to mouth, at the beginning of Chumosh Shimos. They said to him, ‘Are you gonna kill us with your pronouncement (of the name of G-d) like you did to the Egyptian?’ (Although they knew clearly that the righteous Moshe would never harm a fellow Jew.) And then they attempted to have Moshe executed by the power of their own tongues, by announcing to the Pharaoh that it was Moshe who killed the mitzri. (Exodus 2 verse 14)

And years later, when Korach was fighting for the high priesthood of Judaism, these two high priests of ‘the tongue god’ aligned themselves with him, and slandered Moshe.

What a proper punishment they received, measure for measure, when (from the six days of creation) an earth-mouth-monster had been waiting for Hashem’s call to swallow up these two wicked priests along with their entire families, and carry them all alive, to gehinnom! (Numbers 16 verse 32)
I find that, after my 24 years in Israel, this false ‘tongue god’ is being worshiped by the general secular population. Its temple is the Knesset, and the priests number 120!

And today’s high priest is the Rosh HaMalshinim, his excellency Ehud Olmert.

The tongue worshippers pledge their allegiance by singing the ‘Hatikva’ with its main message being, ‘To be a ‘free nation’ in our land.’

It’s obvious by now that the freedom they actually desire is freedom from the observance of Torah and Mitzvos, while they systematically enslave themselves to the dictates of the superpowers of the world (the quartet) and the blackmail of our bitter Moslem enemies.

Isn’t it interesting that we beg in Shmona Esrei, ‘V’Lamalshinim al tehee TIKVA,’ while the anthem of Zionism is also called ‘HaTikva!’

We pray daily, ‘May these ‘tongue worshippers’ be left with NO HOPE. Why don’t we just beg that they be left with NO POWER (to do harm) instead of saying ‘NO HOPE?’

The answer we get from the Anatomy of Olmert.

He is a person who ‘TALKED’ his way to power by being rewarded a ministry, after he, the lawyer for the knesset against Rabbi Meir Kahana, had TALKED the Judges into ruling that Kahana was a Racist(sic), and should not be allowed to run for office in the ‘88 elections.

A few years later, he TALKED the religious Jews into voting for him to be the Mayor of Jerusalem. And then the fun began! From his holy abode in the Jerusalem municipality, he controlled and ruled over the choicest chunk of real estate on earth, our holy city, and now, he had people like Tulansky (executive director of Sharei Tzedek medical center) eating out of the palm of his hand in order that they win his favor. The life and death of building projects were in THE HAND of HIS TONGUE.

He loved that power. He worshipped it. He was already rich, he didn’t need the money. But he worshipped the ecstatic rush of ordering cash in envelopes.

One phone call: “Moshe, I need your credit card for my family vacation,” and his request was faithfully met!

The tongue of Ehud now ruled Jerusalem!

But Ehud soon became very rich and very bored. It was time to climb the ladder, and Arik Sharon needed an excellent lawyer friend to advise him on how to beat the pending indictment against him, for taking a million dollar bribe.

What an opportunity for Ehud! He would now become deputy Prime Malshin, and eventually advise Sharon to throw the Jews out of Gush Katif, as the only way to save his own political neck.

Arik had TALKED the people into believing that it was so wise to continue the expulsion process, and so naturally, after Sharon’s stroke, it was actually easy for Olmert to TALK his way to high priesthood, and he became the Prime ‘Malshin!’

But almost immediately, he lost all his power. He was just getting ready to expel a small group of extreme settlers from Maon Farm, when Gilad Shalit was kidnapped.

His power was quickly lost. His army failed in Gaza, and even worse in Lebanon. Soldiers were taken hostage, Olmert proved to be ALL TALK, but incapable when it came to actions. And then the investigations began against him, one after the other. He had no power left, but he still had HOPE.
And, because of this, he is now doing tremendous damage to the nation - because he’s playing his last cards, and selling us all into the hands of our enemies with his malshin tongue.

His peace agreement legitimizes Hamas murderers, and he’s agreed to allow them to rearm with Katyushas and sophisticated systems. To build deep bunkers with special elevators to carry missiles upwards to the surface, which can then be launched by remote control. That’s exactly what Hezbollah is doing on the Lebanese border.

How many lives this will cost his nation, means nothing to him. He recently told a German newspaper, “I HOPE to survive politically.” I hope. I hope! HOPE!

Get it, dear readers, HOPE. Because power, the Malshin lost long ago. But hope he still has. And how much damage the hope of a malshin can cause is so frightening that I apologize if I’m ruining your summer vacation with this article.

But at least now you know why we pray ‘V’Lamalshinim Al tehee ‘TIKVA.’

As long as Olmert still has Tikva, the tikva for the rest of us is in serious danger.

May we soon truly bless Hashem for: ‘Shover oyvim U’machnia Ziedim.’ Ah Gutten ZUMMER!!


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